Our Structure

Our Season is broken into two blocks, Pre Christmas starting on the first Friday of term four each year. The Pre Christmas block is designed to prepare athletes for the zone Championships which are held at the end of November. The Post Christmas block starts on the second Friday of February. 

Each Friday evening begins with any important announcements. Before the announcements, the athletes are to meet in front of canteen. The athletes must wait for their age manager in their appropriate groups. then they will be taken to their various events throughout the evening. The events are conducted in a circuit with each activity or event taking approximately 15 minutes.

Our weekly meets are conducted so you will complete or compete in 2 Field and 3 Track events each Friday. These events are the same for 2 meets in a row (fortnightly block) the first week of the block you train and practices skills involved with that particular event and the second week you compete in that event. That gives us the chance to have 50% of time to develop and improve skills and have 50% competition which is best practice as advised by LANSW.

We also play ball games and do conditioning, agility and fitness testing as an addition to athletic skills to avoid kids standing around waiting to compete in an event. This keeps our kids active and occupied for the time they are at the meet